CVI Holidays: Activities, Gifts, and Dollar Store Finds

This is my daughter’s second Christmas, but the first since we have known about her Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). It’s been such a joy to see her fascination with and serious visual attention given to all the seasonal things throughout the past few weeks. Truly, it’s as if Christmas comes early for those with CVI!

CVI Christmas2-wm

If you haven’t frequented your local dollar store recently, it’s probably worth a visit. The first week of December I picked up all kinds of red, gold, shiny/sparkly, and even “jingly” items – all of which have made the holiday cheer and brightness come to life in fun ways for all our children, but especially our daughter with CVI, Rosalie.

CVI Christmas3-wm

I imagine there will be many challenges with CVI and the holidays in years to come (especially as Rosalie becomes more mobile and simplifying the complexity of her environment presents new challenges), but for now I’m cherishing that Rosalie is young enough that holidays are straightforward and bring her only joy; she delights in the simplest things found everywhere this time of year, which I have been able to introduce her to little by little: bountiful strings of lights, shiny/reflective items (which can be perceived as movement) like bows, garlands, tinsel, bells, etc. Not to mention the accessibility of RED (often a CVI child’s preferred color, or at least one easily seen) found all over.

CVI Christmas5-wm

I could have written in more detail about ALL the seasonal items I’ve been using to maximize Rosalie’s visual attention and functioning, but I think it suffices to say that almost anything used to decorate for the holidays this time of year can be visually attention-grabbing (and fun!) for our loved ones with CVI. But, if you need more concrete ideas I recommend checking out the following pieces for more dollar store finds, CVI-friendly holiday activities, and CVI holiday gift ideas:

And if you find yourself feeling a little run down, discouraged, isolated, pensive, sentimental, or some combination of any/all of the above this holiday season, take a quick minute to read Love is Who We Are and No Season Can Contain It… over at CVI Momifesto. It’s a short, heartwarming piece that can remind you you’re not alone. I see you, CVI parents. May your holidays be merry, bright, and full of love.


Merry Christmas!

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