Everyday CVI

Welcome! I’m Stephanie, the mom behind Everyday CVI. My husband and I have been blessed with three children and our most recent addition to the family is Rosalie, our child that has Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). She was born with hydrocephalus and taught us more about love than we ever knew there was to learn in her first year of life alone. She is strong beyond measure and we have grown more tenacious for her – both as parents and her biggest advocates; I’m sure those of you that parent children with special needs and disabilities can relate.

When we received Rosalie’s CVI diagnosis in May 2018 we began adapting everything about her daily routines and our home environment in order to maximize her visual functioning. Like any CVI parents, we are just doing our best to tap into and capitalize on the gift of neuroplasticity so that our child can visually access the world and all life has to offer to the fullest extent possible. Everyday CVI exists to chronicle the various ways we tailor Rosalie’s environment and routines to accommodate her CVI.

Pictured above is the very first time Rosalie ever reached out to touch my face. She was 8 months old. Prior to her CVI diagnosis she barely attempted to reach for toys (or anything else); she would look, but hardly ever reach. She would latch on only if items were placed in her hands or she happened to find them. But one month after getting a diagnosis and adapting her world this magic moment happened. 

So we’ll keep at it. All day, every day – in the everyday with CVI. Thanks for joining me on the journey!